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Secure your digital assets with Inzura


The development of digital technology in the 21st century is faster, with the marked Revolution 4.0 is the trend in the industry that combines automatic technology with cyber technology. This changing trend has changed many human lives, including the economy, the working world even the human life itself.
In this era of digitisation all are digitized, because the trend above forms an instant culture, fast and accessible anytime and anywhere. So the need for online access to the database becomes a very important need at this time. But unfortunately the database is a common nature that we have now encountered, imagine if everyone has their own database center that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, for example important assets in life that are very Unfortunate if it gets lost. Security systems are also a must-have for consideration to avoid being easily hacked by irresponsible persons. Is there any application or platform that can cover all that?

Now has come the latest platform Inzura safeguard your digital assets, no need to worry anymore if your digital assets lost or hacked Inzura ready to be responsible for the clients. What is Inzura? Inzura is the world’s first insurance token made with best-in-class protocols implemented to protect CRYPTO assets, so as owners of Crypto assets we are no longer concerned with negative matters regarding assets Our crypto is like Spam or Hacking because Inzura is the world’s first Crypto insurance where you can claim the loss of Cryptocurrencies with Inzura tokens. With the best protocols in implement Inzura enables to provide the best in class protection for your Cryptocurrencies.
With Inzura’s success protocols and strategies there is a potential benefit to welcoming new users without the fear of losing the valuable money they have gained painstakingly. Inzura is built on Ethereum smart contracts which is one of the best platforms for smart contracts that are available in the market. Inzura is an ERC20 token that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Inzura not only protects the Cryptocurrency but also provides protection against the ICO. So we are not worried anymore to follow some of the ICO that is going on like example ICO Spam.
Giving insurance to cryptocurrency is not possible and easy unless and until there is best in class strategy and protocol implemented and tested. Any mistake in the protocol may lead the scammers to take advantage of the platform. Each and every steps and protocol have been tested for months and implemented, and will be upgraded for the benefits of Inzura users. Further discussion will be held with the community members and users directly through the channel and necessary changes and protective measures will be made to best serve the users. Inzura face a risk of multiple accounts created by single user in order to create fake loss and fake claim in order to misuse the system. Each user account is KYC verified and cannot use more than single account. Every user will have Inzura score calculated at the backend based on their system usage, premium purchased, premium claimed, etc. The backend score for user will help evaluate the user more efficiently and will be helpful at the time of premium claiming. More the score is more quicker the user gets their claim settled.
The main objective of Inzura is to increase the market capitalization for trillions which can be achieved only when at least 10% of the world population begins to use Crypotocurrency. How new users enter the crypto market, it is when they are not afraid of losing their assets and institutional money into the crypto market. Inzura gives hope of assets and gives the expectation of assets that their money will not be lost as safe.

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