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Succeed your agricultural business with Bitagro


In the world of agricultural sectors, we often find some problems in terms of marketing. So we have to strive for more insight into the marketing field so we get valid info. As an example of food prices around the world.

This time the admin will provide solutions about the problem that the admin will introduce an Exchange platform in the field of agriculture that uses a blockchain technology called Bitagro.

Bitagro is a globally decentralized B2B platform for the trading of agricultural products and food products, as well as attracting investments without limitation on production geolocation. Suppliers and registered customers will be able to enter into smart contracts, create exchange transactions, share related information and track the history of food prices in different parts of the world. Each product will be classified in the registry and rated at Agrocoin.

About Bitagro

Agrocoin is a cryptocurrency that is built on Ethereum’s decentralized blockain. The maximum number of tokens is set to 600 million. It’s a proven and fully adaptable technology and open source code that provides safe, easy, and fast transfers.

Agrocoin will be a tool and guarantor payment between users. This is a token that will be a tool for the agroindustrial market, and with the help of which users of the agro-exchange platform will be able to conduct their transactions on the purchase and sale of goods in the agriculture sector.

Advantages of Bitagro Exchange

  • AGRO transactions are secured by the Ethereum Smart contract and no one can make payments on your behalf
  • A decentralized Platform is available to customers and companies with low transaction and operational costs.
  • A fully functional user-friendly Platform is available to customers and farmers around the world.
    User-friendly UI, improved feedback driven products, and detailed FAQS.
  • Location, paper currency exchange, lawyers-all this will be unnecessary.
  • The Blockchain-based trading system makes trading more transparent, while the AI algorithm finds
  • fair market prices in real-time.


Here’s a list of people who handle Bitagro

  1. Marat Kabdullin
  2. Maxat Abilkassym
  3. Erlan Bigozhin
  4. Chetna Chhabra
  5. MK Hasan
  6. Espen Olsen
  7. Victor Amaechi
  8. Andrew Willis
  9. Olivia Bisi .O.
  10. Benjamin Dela Cruz Jr
  11. John Paul Idoghonoba
  12. Anant Sachdeva


  1. Arpit Sharma
  2. Giovanni Casagrande
  3. Abhishek Singh
  4. Hamza Khan

Learn more about the profile and the biodata of the team & advisor Bitagro here Team bitagro

Roadmap Bitagro

  • SEPTEMBER 2018

Origins of Ideas by founders | Converting ideas into business plans

  • NOVEMBER 2018

Developing the Core team | Company Establishment | Developing Agro Tokens

  • DECEMBER 2018

Technical Architecture | Android and iOS App development Phase 1 | Start Pre-Sales

  • JANUARY 2019

Getting Started with Level 1 marketing | Completion of application Phase 2 | Completed team building

  • FEBRUARY 2019

Start Bounty | Expanding Advisory Board | IEO Preparation

  • MARCH 2019

Updating mobile Apps | Bitagro Exchange UI/UX Phase 1

  • APRIL 2019

Sales IEO Phase 1

  • MAY 2019

Exchange List | Sales of IEO Phase 2 | Web Platform Launch

  • JUNE 2019

Sales IEO Phase 3 | Token Distribution | Office expansion

  • AUGUST 2019

Full functioning Bitagro Exchange launch with Agro coin trading

  • SEPTEMBER 2019

Connecting third-party online exchanges to AGRO coins

  • OCTOBER 2019

Creating a secure transaction system in the Agrodex market

IEO Token Economy

600 million


72 million


5.76 million


360 million


100 USD


6 month



Token allocation

  1. Token Sale Program 60%
  2. Reserve Fund 8%
  3. Teams and founders 15%
  4. Council Advisory 4%
  5. Development of 7%
  6. Marketing and Bounty 6%

Purpose of using funds

  • Technology development 40%
  • Business Expansion 12%
  • Marketing & Promotion 20%
  • Legal & Rule 10%
  • Operational & Administration 8%
  • Others & Reserve 10%

Official Bitagro Exchange website

Please visit the official Bitagro website below for more detailed reviews.

Official Bitagro Website :

Whitepaper :


Thus the article is about a new Exchange platform review in the agriculture sector called Bitagro Exchange.

Hopefully useful and thank you.

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